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Crossbowmen practicing Crossbowmen practicing

Welcome, Salutations, Greetings!

I am known as Siegfried, and I make, use, and sell medieval style crossbows. The styles that I am interested in making range from the early Romans (3rd century) up to the early rennaisance (16th century), and focused in Europe. I mainly stay within these constraints because of a medieval reinactment group that I belong to (Society for Creative Anachronism - SCA), and because crossbows after that time frame began to resemble modern firearms, and lost their 'charm' and 'character.',

While you are here you may wish to get information about the crossbows that I make and see pictures of some of my previous projects. If you are interested, you can also find out more about myself, and why I am making these crossbows, as well as contact me to ask any questions, or to discuss ordering a crossbow from me.