Traditional Bow - Adult

90th Anniversary Grizzly

SKU: AFT2086135GN

Color Shedua/Green Glass
Draw Weight
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Since 1950, the Grizzly has proven itself as a legendary recurve bow. In 1964, Mr. Bear made the last design changes to the Grizzly, but for 2023 and our 90th anniversary, we are introducing a brand-new design. The value-priced recurve bow is designed for big performance that will go easy on anyone's budget. Whether you are new to traditional archery or an expert, the 90th Anniversary Grizzly recurve bow is a sure shooter for any skill level.

  • Superior Build Quality

    Limbs overlaid with clear maple and backed and faced with high-strength green fiberglass
  • Cut-On Center

    Crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf with leather side plate and bear hair arrow rest
  • Timeless Materials

    Darcon string
  • New Look

    All-new iconic design with performance enhancing materials

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