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Munition Grade Combat

NOTE: Currently the photos of this crossbow are of the v2 design, currently v3 is bring produced.

The design & construction methods of these crossbows were in response to a desire for an inexpensive, yet quality made, combat crossbow for SCA use. In the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), they allow crossbows that follow certain construction rules to shoot specially made padded blunts at armored opponents. If you are not interested in the munition grade equipment, I can always make you a custom combat legal crossbow to your specifications.

These bows start at $185 each, depending upon the wood used, but to accomplish that, they are being mass produced.

Therefore, I will wait each time until I receive a minimum number of orders, before I would start building any of them. Also, there is only one option allowed. This is adding a rope & wood stirrup to the front of the crossbow for an additional $10. Normally, these crossbows do not need a stirrup, as their low poundage allows you to brace the stock against your chest/leg, and pull the string back. The stirrup option is for people who feel they will have problems with that.

The specifications of this bow, are as follows: