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Glider Flights & Glider Flying

Board a glider and let gravity do the work. With locations in Florida and Maine, your glider flight will last up to 45 minutes and some of our gliders can accommodate up to 2 passengers at no extra cost. Soar like an eagle over 5,000 feet above the ground with your expert glider pilot at the controls. Book your glider flight today!
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1. What are glider rides offered by Adrenaline?

  • Adrenaline offers glider rides, allowing you to experience the pure thrill of soaring through the skies without an engine, relying solely on the wind and thermals for flight.

2. How do I book a glider ride with Adrenaline?

  • Booking a glider ride is easy! Just choose your preferred glider ride experience and follow the booking instructions to secure your spot.

3. Can anyone participate in glider rides, or are there any age restrictions?

  • Most glider rides are suitable for individuals of all ages, but age restrictions may apply for certain rides. Please check the specific ride details for any age requirements.

4. Are there any weight restrictions for glider rides?

  • Some glider rides may have weight restrictions for safety reasons. Please review the individual ride details for any specific weight limits.

5. How long are the glider rides?

  • The duration of glider rides can vary depending on the package chosen. Flight times are typically mentioned on each ride's page.

6. Is it safe to fly in a glider?

  • Absolutely! Gliders are designed and operated with safety as a top priority. Each glider ride is piloted by an experienced and certified glider pilot to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

7. Will I get a chance to pilot the glider during the ride?

  • Most glider rides are conducted as scenic experiences, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking views while the pilot handles the controls. However, some glider schools offer instructional flights where you can take the controls under the instructor's guidance.

8. What should I wear for the glider ride?

  • Dress comfortably and according to the weather conditions on the day of your glider ride. It's recommended to wear closed-toe shoes and bring layers for varying temperatures at higher altitudes.

9. Can I bring someone to accompany me during the glider ride?

  • In most cases, gliders are designed for one passenger only, and there is no room for additional passengers.

10. Can I reschedule or cancel my glider ride booking?

  • Adrenaline's rescheduling and cancellation policies are subject to the terms and conditions of each glider ride. Please review the booking details for any information on rescheduling or cancellations.
For any other inquiries or specific information about Adrenaline's glider rides, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are here to make your glider flight an unforgettable adventure in the sky!

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